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If you use the FLEXIcontent Joomla extension, and have enabled the FLEXIcontent search, you may want to be able to order your search results by relevance to the keyword search phrase. Unfortunately, this isn't currently possible.

As a workaround, I've written a hack for the FLEXIcontent search file which checks to see if the search phrase is in the title of the item. If it is, it simply swaps the item with the first in the search results. This isn't perfect, but it will mean that if someone types in the exact title of the article they want, that article will be first in the returned results!

Updated January 2013: The latest version of advanced module manager includes support for flexicontent, so there is no more need for this hack.

Advanced Module Manager is a fantastic Joomla extension which allows complete control over where Joomla modules are displayed. The major drawback I found with it is that it doesn't fully support FLEXIcontent.

FLEXIcontent is, for me, a must have extension, which massively increases the control over how articles are displayed and how they interact with each other. I use it for all news, article and magazine websites that I build, the latest example being RusArtNet, where it allows easy displaying of images and linking between related articles.

Luckily a FLEXIcontent user named Rehne produced a hack for Advanced Module Manager supporting allocation of modules based on the FLEXIcontent category:

Advanced Module Manager and FLEXIcontent

I've updated this hack to work with the current latest version of Advanced Module Manager (v1.16.5), which you can download here EDIT: link removed. I'll proably update this hack as and when I need the latest version of Advanced Module Manager.