Alex Rees, founder of Freshpage Web Design
Hi!  My name is Alex Rees and I am the founder of Freshpage Web Design.

I started Freshpage in 2011 after 10 years working in the software development industry, including developing mobile phone software for Ericsson and web development for Telesoft Technologies.

My background is in coding the nitty gritty "hard stuff", like C++, Java, SQL, PHP and of course HTML and CSS.  These technologies are the foundations of every website and so I have a deep understanding of how websites work from the ground up.  I have a passion for developing modern, clean websites and nothing beats the satisfaction of when a client takes possession of their new site and makes it a success.

A Fresh Approach

The aim of Freshpage is to deliver professional quality websites which wouldn't look out of place next to a blue chip company's site, but to do it at a price affordable to small businesses.  10 years ago this would have been impossible, but modern technologies have made it possible for experienced web designers to put together quality websites without spending weeks doing it.  This is why Freshpage's prices are so low compared with some web design agencies, who pay huge teams of marketing executives and salesmen, pushing their prices up.

We work with clients across the UK and beyond, so wherever you are in the world contact Freshpage today to start your website project.

Why choose Freshpage?

  Direct contact with your web designer, from start to finish.

Many companies will butter you up with a smooth talking salesman before passing you on to a "project manager", who you have to explain everything to from the start.  Once the site is finished you'll be passed on to their "support" team who often won't have the skills required to fix your problems.  This won't happen with Freshpage, where you will have direct contact with the designer at all stages.

  No outsourcing

Nearly all the big web design companies will outsource your work to a developing world country.  The possible pitfalls of this are obvious, with communication often being reported as a major stumbling block.  We have had to rescue several web design projects from customers who have been let down by outsourcers.  Freshpage will search out talent amongst the freelance community if a website has specialist requirements, but we will never "down skill" and outsource work to try to increase profits.

  A long history of happy customers

Which Website Design Company 5 Star Reviews As you can see from our client testimonials, we make sure that customers are always delighted with their website.  Unlike certain other web design companies, all our testimonials are from real people and real websites!  All our reviews are verified by Which Web Design Company.
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  Sensible Prices

There are so many web design companies out there charging anything from £50 to £5000 for a simple website.  Most people are happy to pay a fair price for a good job well done, but how much should a website cost?  The answer is that it takes a skilled software engineer about 4 days to complete a typical website.  This is why our brochure website prices start at £495 .  Good, honest, quality web design at a fair price.

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