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A social society website with an emphasis on local history. Users can post articles and choose which articles are to be featured on the front page. Great Mongeham Society provided a copy of their society emblem which was integrated throughout the site.  The site is based on a content management system which allows the users to add as many pagse to the site as they like.

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As Chairman of the Great Mongeham Society, I am writing to express my appreciation of our new web-site, produced by Freshpage. Not only is it most attractive to look at, it is very easy to navigate, a great deal of information is available and all of it is easy to find, something one cannot say about many web-sites. An amusing, but most useful, 'extra' is the panel displaying the current weather for our region. Most weather forecasts do not cover the extreme east of Kent at all well, so having some local information is more useful than might be anticipated by those more inland. I have no contact with the actual production of our web-site but am greatly concerned about its utility, and that I can praise most sincerely.

Dr John Bowsher - Chairman, Great Mongeham Society

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