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Communyx are providers of Network cabling installation services to the Yorkshire region. After bad experiences with a string of web developers, Communyx asked us to redesign their website and provide search engine optimisation advice.. Their previous developer hadn't passed on the details to their web server, but we were able to help move the site to a new provider.

Feel the  

I'd been left high and dry by a couple of, so called, web designers, who appeared over night and disappeared overnight just as quickly! I was contacted by Alex and we went through things that I liked rhe idea of, things I wasn't interested in and he then left me to it.

I then got back in touch and we went from there, he came back with an initial design, I asked for a few changes and he came up with what we have now more or less. He didn't patronise me or flood me with technical jargon and was very fast in turning around our new design, which is what I needed!

Robert Hyde, Communyx Limited

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