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Lucking Analytical is a particle nanosizing company using cutting edge physics.  The website Freshpage created for them includes a full glossary system, which automatically highlights keywords in text throughout the website, allowing users to hover over and see the meaning of technical words and phrases.  The site also uses an advanced mathematics formatting system, displaying very complex equations beautifully.


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I've used Freshpage to design and make active the site for my new small business. Freshpage have made the process both easy and affordable. The creative input from them was excellent and the speed with which they responded to communications was impressive. The use of web jargon was kept to a minimum and they coped well with scientific symbols and fonts that I required to be used. The process was swift and was as easy as I'd hoped it would be. Recommend to a friend? Yes I would.

Erol Uman, Lucking Analytical

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  • Website Features: Content Management System, Bespoke Website Development, Logo Design, Contact Form, Glossary of Terms, Formatted Maths Equations
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