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Jobs on Computers came to us after having a bit of a nightmare with a leading cheap website design company.  After a promising chat with a salesmen, they were asked for a 50% deposit and then handed over to a technician in India who was to build the website.  After several months of email back and forth, the site was still nothing like usable, and this is when Freshpage was contacted. 

The immediately obvious thing about the site was that the design was clearly cobbled together by someone with no training in user experience, and even without basic knowledge such as how to resize images without ruining their quality.  Digging a bit deaper, it turned out that the site was being built on old technology:  Joomla 1.5 when the latest version is 3.0.  Joomla 1.5 is "end of life" and will shortly be no longer supported.  To be building a new site on such old technology is fairly disgraceful.

Freshpage to the rescue

The only way forward was to completely rebuild the site from the ground up.  This meant that the initial 50% deposit was wasted and so the clients remaining budget was very low.  Still, we were able to product a clean, easy to navigate website based on a modern content management system.


Feel the  

I've looked at quite a few designers in the past for differing projects, but i was very happy with this company.
I've had the misfortune of trying cheaper end websites like [edit: name removed] they wasted my time didn't deliver, and i found it very frustrating.
With fresh page, i was able to give the idea to them, and they replied with all the questions they needed, and then they just got on with it.
Impressed with the time and problem solving skills they gave to my project, would definitely use again

James Porteous, Jobs on Computers

Additional Info

  • Website Features: Content Management System, Contact Form
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