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The first part of a multi stage project to build the foremost site on Russian Art. This stage involves a striking front page with sitemap listing all the articles, along with an advanced search function. Articles are automatically interlinked with related articles, so adding content couldn't be easier.


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I am a complete newbie when it comes to website design and development, so I really struck gold when I came across Fresh Page, who helped me to get started and explained everything to me in simple English. They gave me the most competitive price for the job I wanted doing and did not add any hidden extras. Nor was it a case of losing out by economising, something I was also scared of, because I got a great website design and a way of adding content that is both technically sophisticated yet easy for me to use. I also like the fact that when you give the company your own ideas and suggestions, they do not just do the minimum by implementing what you suggest, but come up with their own suggestions which, with hindsight, proved to be great input and considerably enhanced my site in ways that I would not even have imagined. I am also very pleased with the success I am getting in high Google rankings, right from the very start. I welcome anyone to visit my site and see for themselves or contact me independently.

Kenneth MacInnes, Rus Art Net

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